Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Introducing Culex's Lenten Challenge to All Catholic Bloggers

I have a suggestion for a Lenten challenge for all of my fellow Catholic bloggers. (Perhaps the traditionalists among you could start at Septuagesima.)

It is in two parts. It is very simple and very important - and it doesn't really require much work. Here is what is:

1. No detraction.
2. No mockery.

I plan to expand and explain each of the above in future posts, particularly closer to Lent, but I want to get this out there so that, given my new blog's, shall we say, complete lack of human readers, my challenge will have a chance to become known to at least a few of my fellow bloggers in time for Lent.

Until then, happy blogging!

PS: Fellow Christians as well as non-Christians are also quite welcome to participate in this challenge. There's nothing 'sectarian' about it!

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