Monday, January 14, 2013

Observations of a Mosquito #10

Loquacity, which is a vice and a form of sloth, is perhaps even more unknown as a vice than is curiousity, which is also a form of sloth; both, however, are very common, and shamelessly so.

Very often men hold fast to errors in matters of religion - as well as in other things - because they dislike the consequences of the opposite opinions; they have, however, exchanged certain inconveniences for far greater ones.

No one has ever been too humble, nor could anyone ever be.

It is far too easy to treat the Holy Eucharist with less care can one would give even to a mere million billion dollar cheque.

If the majority of any parish's budget is spent on things unrelated to Holy Mass, such as the vestments, the altar furnishings, the church's upkeep, and the music, then that parish's budget needs to be altered.

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