Sunday, January 13, 2013

Observations of a Mosquito #9

"My life isn't going well, so I'm going to go to Mass less and avoid Confession," is really, really horrible and self-destructive logic.

At present,  it seems as though many, if not most, priests and religious eat well - some, very well; most if not all Saints ate poorly.

It is not a sin for a diocesan priest to own golf clubs or a good stereo system, but such luxury items, especially if they individually or in toto would be beyond the purchasing power of the median (single) member of his congregation, can spell trouble, and if care is not taken to avoid real attachment to them, his apostolate may be crippled.

Even knowledgeable Catholics tend to have a very limited understanding of the virtue of humility - and how many know that the virtue of religion, as explained by St. Thomas Aquinas, even exists?

In order to appropriate something secular (or pagan, or Protestant) for Catholic use, such as a philosophical construct or even a business or marketing plan, the appropriator(s) must come to understand exactly what of it is of the world and what is not, and, furthermore, what is Catholic (in the supernatural sense) and what it is to be such, and then the part from the world must be thoroughly removed; usually some part of this is not known or not done to the great detriment of the Church and its members... this is not infrequently related to Catholics not realizing that they are appropriating or have appropriated something with, originally, a non-Catholic character.

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