Monday, January 07, 2013

Observations of a Mosquito #4

It does not seem possible in this era to find a humble sedevacantist.

Most real vocation discernment is of which, not of what; most discerners are reasonably assured of the basics long before they accept them.

If you can't figure out your vocation, it's worth examining the one(s) you most don't want yours to be.

Father, if your confessional is always full, there is much too little Confession time, but if it is always empty, you must preach about Confession and improve the times you offer it - not from your perspective, but from that of your congregants, which you may only think you know.

It is always and categorically wrong to make the Gospel relevant; it already is - you must remove what is hiding the Gospel's relevance without removing the Gospel itself, which is often done instead.

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