Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Observations of a Mosquito #5

All changes in the sacred liturgy and in the breviary must be for the good of souls; personal preference and grandiose theories have no place... yet the recent history of both shows much that has violated these principles.

Wherever there seems to be something arbitrary in the liturgy, this is not the case; likewise, wherever a legitimate choice may be made in the celebration of the Mass, one of the options is best: this is true even in the 'modern' Roman rite.

Any undertaking not being undertaken because, "God wills it, as far I know," is fundamentally flawed, although there are many ways to determine His Will.

Hurry no prayer; delay no charity.

No one has ever justified not wearing clothes that cover oneself from the neck past the knees, covering and obscuring all that is between, in the normal course of events, and no one ever will.

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