Friday, January 11, 2013

Observations of a Mosquito #8

It's best to save one's plate for food, and God's plate for everything else.

In their homilies, priests should stop seeming to assume that those in their congregation are generally in the state of grace: most congregations today are full of Catholics who avoid Confession, whose attendance at Sunday Mass is infrequent, and who are either formal or material heretics... it does not seem helpful to preach frequently on the spiritual benefits of receiving the Eucharist - without mention of Confession - to congregations composed in large part by those who should not be receiving Communion.

Some of those persons involved in the creation of the accidental self-satire "Ordain a Lady" may be excommunicated, per the chorus, but how much more damage have orthodox Catholics done to our souls by uncharitably mocking them and their (mistaken) beliefs?

No one is more embarrassed in confessing a mortal sin than he would be in finding himself in Hell on account of it.

If lack of contrition, whether generally or for some specific sin(s), is keeping you from Confession, it is good to go anyway and confess that one is not contrite.

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